The most beautiful and second largest Great Lake

Lake Wisconsin
Wisconsin Citizens for the Renaming of Lake Michigan to Lake Wisconsin

We, the citizens of Wisconsin, feel it’s time for the Great Lake of Michigan to be renamed Lake Wisconsin. For too long Michiganders have gloated over Lake Michigan and their pretty sunsets. From now on, we will exclusively refer to it as Lake Wisconsin until every American joins us.

To our west we have the Land of 10,000 Lakes. To our east the so-claimed Great Lakes State. And here we are, left in the middle with nothing but a bunch of farmland, cows, and cheeseheads. It’s time to make a change, this is Lake Wisconsin.

The citizens of Wisconsin have a long and storied history with Lake Wisconsin. Milwaukee  resident J. Val Klump was the first person in history to reach the bottom of Lake Wisconsin, which he did in 1985 via a small submarine.

“Wisconsin’s a special place.”
— Brett Favre

We hope you’ll join us by signing our petition.

Over 12 million people live in the communities surrounding this Great Lake. We would like to highlight some of those communities now, which make up for a people more than 5% of those 12 million people. Wow, that’s amazing! Door County peninsula is a shining example of Wisconsin residents. The county features Whitefish Dunes State Park with over 867 acres of lakeshore dunes and four other stunning Wisconsin State Parks.

  • Algoma
  • Cudahy
  • Fox Point
  • Green Bay
  • Kenosha
  • Kewaunee
  • Manitowoc
  • Milwaukee
  • Mequon
  • Oconto
  • Port Washington
  • Racine
  • Sheboygan
  • Shorewood
  • South Milwaukee
  • Sturgeon Bay
  • Two Rivers
  • Whitefish Bay

Additionally, Wisconsin shares over 495 miles of shoreline with Lake Wisconsin and is home to 3.5 million cows. They need fresh drinking water too. Oh, and we have the Wisconsin Dells, obvi.

“In Wisconsin they have deep-fried cheese curds, which taste like French fries and heaven had a baby.”
— Jim Gaffigan

Join us today in renaming the this wonderful and majestic body of water, Lake Wisconsin.


Great Lake WisconsinLake Wisconsin

933 supporters

  • Dwight Jacobson D.


  • Nels R.

    I don’t like downstate.

  • Abigail C.

    Because I hate Michigan

  • Matthew B.

    Michigan pours their milk before their cereal.

  • Dawson E.

    Michigan doesn’t deserve a Great Lake

  • Kyle L.

    They get the UP we get the lake

  • Aaron B.

    Grand Rapids has always been Milwaukee’s little sister. It’s time for the lake to be named after the rightful heir.

  • Felipe O.

    Change is cool

  • Steve E.

    I love my birthplace!

  • Jake G.

    We have more lakes than the land of lakes does why not add one more? We are the true land of lakes. And we are all in all better than michigan

  • John K.

    This is long overdue!

  • Connor H.

    Why would Michigan deserve it?

  • Jakari L.

    i need to see the rivers

  • Lake I.


  • Bryan A.

    It’s ours!!!

  • Casey A.

    F*** Michigan

  • Greg F.

    Because why not?

  • Charlie M.

    It would be awesome!!!

  • Max C.

    Jake Lourim needs to recognize the true name of the greatest Great Lake.

  • Jason R.

    A Great Lake needs a truly Great Name!

  • Tyler B.

    [no comment]

  • Scott W.

    wisco is better

  • Anne .

    Let’s do a history lesson:
    Lake Huron
    Lake Ontario
    Lake Michigan
    Lake Erie
    Lake Superior

  • Ashley D.


  • Kurt S.

    John told me to

  • Adam M.

    Michigan is depressing.

  • Scott W.

    I believe that Lake Michigans beauty needs a name from a beautiful state as well.

  • Evan S.

    I want the name of the lake changed

  • Isabelle H.

    It’s important

  • Thomas M.


  • T H.

    the acronym for the Great Lakes then becomes WHOSE as in WHOSE lake is this… oh wait…

  • Michigan I.

    michigan is boss

  • Konner C.

    Because I live in WI

  • Charles H.

    Michigan has plenty of lakes.

    Hard to think that Green Bay is forced to be a bay of lake Michigan.

    People in Chicago have seen this coming, and in order to stay neutral, they simple refer to it as “the lake.”

  • Greg G.

    I believe in keeping the April Fool spirit all year long.

  • Martin G.

    I use Cheese to catch fish and want to fish in my own lake.

  • Brent F.

    Let’s go check out Michigan and all the wonderful things it has, said no one ever.

  • Julianne R.

    it’s a good idea!

  • Dale W.

    We have New Glarus Brewing Company. Nuf said.

  • Abbie N.

    I think this is so funny!

  • Karla S.

    It annoys Michigan

  • Rachel P.

    I like the name better.

  • Chuck G.

    It needs to be.

  • Nikita S.

    I am Russian.

  • Briston R.

    It would make an improvement to everything

  • Haydn M.

    badgers> Spartans

  • Jordan V.

    I think the lake should be called given its the only great lake wi has while Michigan has several.

  • Haydn M.

    cheese is better than what ever Michigan has to offer

  • Tobias C.

    Dont like michigan

  • Brandon W.

    since I would like to see it changed

  • Alvin W.

    Its awesome

  • Hannah C.

    You never know

  • Julie L.

    It’s time for the better state to take over.

  • Taylor H.

    Michigan has too much named after itself

  • Noah A.

    We beat Michigan in the big ten tournament

  • Steven R.

    We share more of the lake

  • Taylor G.

    this would be great for the state

  • Darlene H.

    Keep Lake MICHIGAN

  • Emily D.


  • Monica N.

    Cheese rules and what is Michigan famous from?

  • Quinn S.

    It’s the right thing to do.

  • Billy T.

    becaus m fat

  • Alex R.

    it should be

  • Richard G.

    because why not

  • Brett B.

    Wisonsin pride

  • Ethan T.

    because I can and because our state is better.

  • Ted S.

    When’s the last time the Lions won anything? Oh that’s right.

  • Rebecca R.

    Who doesn’t love WI?

  • Brandy H.

    We deserve the lake!

  • Tyler W.

    go pack go!

  • Ruth G.

    I think michigan has more lakes plus we have the packers and it would be awesome

  • Emily R.

    Why the hell not?

  • Kyle K.

    It’s the right thing to do

  • Henry V.

    With Scott Walkers Budget, State Parks are going to the “HIGHEST BIDDERS”. Lets rename it NOW befor Nestle buys it and puts in A PIPELINE!!!

  • Greg D.

    WI is better than MI.

  • Aaron R.

    Cheese apparently does cause insanity….

  • Ashley W.

    I love michigan

  • Eric U.

    Because im a American,

  • Jennay S.

    I think we should change the name to Lake ‘Merica, then everyone would be represented. Unity yeah. ‘Merica yeah. Eagles yeah. Freedom yeah. It also wouldn’t change the acronym HOMES becasue it still starts with a “M” #LakeMerica

  • Cody G.

    Because we are the best.

  • Gavin Q.

    You can have Detroit and Flint, how about that?

  • Kati B.

    its the right thing to do

  • Paul C.

    its the right thing to do

  • Tony G.

    Hey Cheeseheads! You’re lucky that we let you use Lake Michigan. Stop whining or we’ll make you bathe somewhere else.

  • Casey M.

    They shouldn’t get the U.P. AND the lake.

  • Dan D.

    Keep it lake michigan

  • Brady S.

    Michigan already has part of our state, so we get the lake!

  • Your M.

    You all are idiots

  • Fred F.

    Wilma & I agree, it will always be Lake Michigan.

  • Biteme W.

    You are all delusional

  • Dan S.

    Michigan has been a poor steward, with their lousy football teams, slow response times for police and fire, and their propensity for mullets.

  • Bob W.

    I like Pabst!

  • Shane L.

    I’m a Pennsylvania cheesehead. Go pack go.

  • Ihate C.


  • Aprilfools J.

    The April Fool’s count just keeps going up. I believe this is a joke, it was started on April 1st.

  • Adolf S.

    Are you kidding me? You cannot even represent the Big 10 adequately when it matters!

  • Mich I.

    The poison dye, in their cheese, has reached terminus!

  • George B.

    Le’s rename it Lake Michigan West, rename Lake Superior – Lake Michigan North, rename Lake Huron – Lake Michigan East, rename Lake Erie Lake – Michigan South and finally rename Lake Ontario – Lake Michigan Far East

  • Lizzy B.

    We’d happily trade you the U.P. for the Dells and two cows. We’ll even throw in Detroit as a gesture of good will. Oh and, do you have any whine to go with that cheese?

  • Mitch E.

    Aint gonna happen cheeseheads!

  • Rich B.

    You idiots can’t even optimize this site for iPhones, you think you’re worthy of lake naming?

  • Scott W.

    Someone was obviously being a drunken cheesehead when they started this…

  • E G.

    Hands off Lake Michigan! Get your own lake!

  • Daryl M.

    Michigan is an Indian word meaning great water. The state was named for the lake not the other way around. You have your own great water called Lake Winnebago, named for a travel trailor. Lake Michigan forever. And Superior, too!

  • Tom C.

    Pay our taxes, take our roads and take our full-time legislation and you can name it whatever you want.

  • Debbie M.

    Upon reading some of the statements made by Michigan residents, it appears to me that their vulgarity and immaturity does not deserve to have a lake named after them.

  • Connor D.

    We’re taking your lake!

  • Terry W.

    I really don’t like Michigan

  • Yeah! F.

    EFF Michigan

  • Haveaniceaprilfoolsday P.

    Nice joke guys

  • Athena Y.

    Because why not?

  • Scott B.

    I love God’s country!

  • Drew E.

    U.P. yours, Michigan!

  • Hillary C.

    Elect me and I will be sure that this happens.

  • Jim P.

    It makes sense.

  • Anu S.

    It should definitely be renamed

  • Christina R.

    I don’t want the name to change. It’s a Great Lake and has been for years!

  • Andrew D.

    I love WI!!!

  • Martha R.

    You understand that the state is named for the lake, not the other way around. Michigami is an Odawa word which means “big water”.

    But good luck!

  • Matthew H.

    It’s about time

  • Ken K.

    Go ahead and take Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. All the copper is mined and Michigan residents don’t want it anymore.

  • John J.

    It honestly makes a lot of sense.

  • Thomas C.

    If Illinois figures this out, we’re gonna be looking at Lake Illinois on our kids version of Google maps…

  • Earl S.

    I hate cheese

  • Deb B.

    whoever started this and agrees, are idiots

  • Jennifer A.

    I think that it needs stay the way it is

  • Elisabeth F.

    because I grew up on Lake Michigan and I am from Michigan

  • Gene C.

    but when are they going to take over Michigan

  • Adrianna M.

    i know its a joke

  • Eryn W.

    I believe this an important change we need to make.

  • Joe C.

    It’s time to right a wrong.

  • Dean N.

    It’s the right thing to do!

  • Luis M.

    Lake needs to be renamed

  • Nick B.

    I don’t like Michigan. At all.

  • Jj B.

    We deserve some sort of victory, look at our sports teams, so close and how about that governor…

  • Kevin K.

    First we reclaim the lake, then we reclaim the Upper Peninsula.

  • Screw W.

    It will always be Lake Michigan you morons.

  • Yeuwhhwo G.


  • Jodi A.

    Yes this would be a great change

  • I Hate W.

    I vote to keep it Lake Michigan. Your all a bunch of inbread morons for even thinking this will work.

  • Cory B.

    I hate Michigan.

  • Peter V.

    I’m signing because we [Michigan] have had enough glory because of these darn lakes. Let some of the lesser states get some action too!

  • Raymond .

    We have more touching land

  • Blerim K.

    It’s the right thing to do

  • Jason T.

    It must be done! Let’s face what does Michigan have?

  • Nick K.

    This is not right

  • Billy B.

    We need this!

  • Kelly S.

    Because i can

  • Josh T.

    Michigan needs to learn how to share

  • David J.

    Because it’s heady

  • Jeremiah W.

    people in Michigan can’t swim

  • Caylin C.

    I agree to the name

  • Aaron M.

    I’ve wanted to see this happen since I was a little kid!

  • Andrew S.

    this isn’t michigan

  • Jessica H.

    Go badgers!

  • Ryan P.

    It’s only right.

  • Matt S.

    It seems like a good idea

  • Chris J.

    I’m sick of people saying “Surf the Mich”.

  • Miguel S.

    I think it has a better sound to it, don’t you.

  • Ryan K.

    Bout time.

  • Anthony M.

    It should be named lake WISCONSIN.

  • Justin F.

    Detroit, need i say more

  • Andrew M.

    They have the Upper Peninsula, we should have the lake!

  • Brian S.

    Because this is a valid argument amd we at leasr deserve some part of that lake.

  • Nicole P.

    its our lake too

  • Cass M.

    They’ve got 2 other Great Lakes they can call “Michigan.”

  • Matthew T.

    It’s my lake

  • Bobby H.

    Sounds better

  • Pepo R.

    This is a waste of time. It will always be Lake MICHIGAN!

  • Cameron H.

    This awesome lake deserves a name much better than Michigan.

  • Michael C.

    i want to be different

  • Brian P.

    Pride for my home state and the lake it resides on.

  • Fart F.

    April fools????

  • Dante D.

    It’s our lake!

  • Kristen C.

    I hate Michigan, please take it

  • Draydon W.


  • Jake B.

    I VOTE NOT TO CALL IT WISCONSIN. It’s mighihans lake and they are surrounded by it. Damn cheesehead are idiots

  • Lorri C.

    This is Absurd

  • Richard K.

    Its the right thing to do

  • Bret P.

    I believe it is the right thing to do.

  • Colette R.

    Why change the name now? If it was suppose to be that way it would have been a long time ago

  • Hannah J.

    Sorry, we can’t give you the UP. But Detroit is up for grabs.

  • Derek .

    It’s legit.

  • Kevin H.

    Cause awesome

  • Jasmine M.

    Because why not?

  • Jasmine M.

    Because why not?

  • Jeremiah M.

    I don’t mind, change can be good or bad but if you do that, you might as well try to annex the U.P…..

  • Alex W.

    We need to have a lake

  • Ryan L.

    not only should we have the lake renamed, but we should annex the U.P.

  • Esther G.

    I feel we deserve the lake.

  • Brittany L.

    i love wisco

  • Mark B.

    Its been lake Michigan for how many years and now thay want to change the name of it thats like trying to change the national anthem or the flag colors

  • Mike P.

    i think this is funny.

  • Erin D.

    I love Wisco! My home state is sooooo much cooler than Michigan?

  • Matt R.

    Milwaukee > Detroit

  • Michael L.

    It is simply a great idea. So much of my fun year round is based on the lake.

  • Steve H.

    WI is better!

  • Pure M.

    4 out of 5 lakes prefer Michigan

  • Ashley W.

    I’m a WI resident

  • York M.

    Sharing is the right thing to do. Can it also be Lake Indiana and Lake Illinois part-time?

  • Ford C.

    Michigan is communist.

  • Vicky P.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….chill people. It’s a joke.

  • K C.

    I was told to.

  • Jared G.

    why the heck not

  • Byron S.

    To those that want the original name, the Indians called it stinking water

  • Not A.

    I’m not. Don’t do this.

  • Test T.

    Because I like to.

  • Tonya B.

    It is my feeling that the Greta lakes should be left as is. This lake has always been Lake Michigan and should remain that way.

  • Drew L.

    Well WI has more lakes in it than MN does…

  • Jake C.

    We use the lake more it should be named as so!

  • Isaac D.

    Because I want to

  • John H.

    Even Cheeseheads need to dream, but the truth is Michigan Rules the world!

  • Kristen L.

    Wisco for life!!!

  • Brianne A.

    It seems silly to change the name when it’s been what it is for so long!

  • Danny J.

    F*** Michigan

  • Dakota P.

    My family dis

  • James H.


  • Tanner S.

    We deserve it! He reached the bottom first!

  • Maria W.

    It’s correct.

  • Jessica E.

    I think it should be renamed

  • Trisha P.

    that would be awesome

  • Jodi O.

    You got dah U.P. eh, we get the lake

  • Rick S.

    You’re all incredibly silly.

  • Bat M.

    It’s April fools and it’s funny.

  • Sarah L.


  • Augustine N.

    The Packers (fudge?) need a bigger biday!

  • Ashley E.

    Lake Michigan’s name does not need to be changed. Just keep it the way it is and leave it at that. You don’t see Canada trying to change lake superior or Ohio changing lake Erie

  • Edie P.

    It’s the Great Lakes of Michigan! And should remain this way for the rest of history!

  • Scott A.

    I support this. I am tired of the mitten michiganders stealing all of our glory. We were obviously here first.

  • Dana B.

    WI deserves it’s own lake!

  • Bray G.

    i support it

  • Nick M.

    I like the state better than michigan

  • Kevin N.

    I support the change.

  • Michael B.

    Wi more important

  • Megan Z.

    The Packers need a lake too.

  • Rebecca Z.

    Sure why not

  • Bradley S.

    Itsa michigan thing

  • Tim K.

    I live in Michigan

  • Sherry M.

    No way! Leave it as Lake Michigan.

  • Nicholas W.


  • Kelsey B.

    michigan is home of all the Great Lakes. Wisconsin just borders one. It should not be called lake Wisconsin.

  • Rianna S.

    This is my lake my home state needs this

  • Karen S.

    Because I love my state.

  • Mike L.

    I was promised cheese.

  • Ryan C.

    I think that Wisconsin deserves this lake..

  • Kathy G.

    I live in da U.P. and think we should join with Northern Wisconsin to make the Great State of Superior, why not call it Lake Wisconsin!

  • Jessica A.

    This has been Lake Michigan since the beginning of time. Why change it now?

  • Bryce L.

    Wisconsin is awesome

  • Lake M.

    No way..this will never happen! lol

  • Sonya D.

    It needs to be Lake Michigan!!!!

  • Don A.

    I do not stand for the renaming of lake Michigan to lake Wisconsin!.. with that said, when the great state of Wisconsin magically gets 4 of the 5 great lakes around their borders, then I will be more than happy to accept the renaming of lake Michigan, too “lake cheese head” other than that good luck cheeseheads!!

  • Poop J.

    This is a joke duhhh

  • The L.

    Stay away of my lake or else. >:(

  • Jeremy H.

    Wisconsin needs it

  • Interested P.

    I can’t sign this, tho living in Wisconsin 30+ years. Our name is MUDD thanks to the current political situation. We are exporting our crass and lying governor…that is bad enough, with Ryan, Priebus,
    Sensenbrenner…we need to clean up our “house” first….not a joke.

  • Joe M.

    I am a Michigan native and think this is ridiculous to waste your time and money on this. Doesnt your politicans have anything better to do than to worry about changing the name of a lake????

  • Chris W.

    I’m a bawss

  • Marian M.

    Being a Michigan Native this an appauling slap in the face and a waste of taxpayers dollars AND a waste of Government time !!!We can’t even get them to do sensible lawmaking ,why do they have to waste time with frivolous crap like this ???

  • Fakity F.

    April Fools.

  • Jessie P.

    We’re not willing to budge on Lake Michigan, but let’s have a chat about Lake Erie…

  • Changxing L.

    Aaron Rodgers is the best.

  • Ben D.

    Its april fools and yall cheese heads need to find a different lake to name

  • Mali T.

    I luv wisco man

  • Emma T.

    we are coming for the UP next

  • Colton K.

    I feel the lake needs to change the name to lake Wisconsin.

  • Christopher B.

    The lake is important to Michigan too.
    Get over yourselves.

  • Madeline B.

    born and raised in sconnie

  • Ben J.

    Wisconsin is better than Michigan so we deserve our own lake.

  • Kelcie H.

    Wisconsin, nuff said. :)

  • Ben P.

    Wisconsin is the best

  • Ally H.

    wisconsin rules!!!

  • April F.

    April Fools

  • Carol H.

    It’s always been our beloved Lake Michigan. Leave the name as it is.

  • John K.

    We Michiganders loved the lake so much we named our state after it. Not the other way around.

    4 out of 5 Great Lakes prefer Michigan, but if anyone else shares stewardship of Lake Michigan, it’s you Wisconsin. We in the mitten would high five you if the lake wasn’t in the way.

  • Mike W.

    I know, I’m nuts!

  • Jesse K.

    I believe the lake should take on the name of Wisconsin because it’d be more admirized by other states. Everyone knows Wisconsin over Michigan! I think the U.P. should be switched to “The Upper Penninsula of Wisconsin” cause it looks like it would be owned by Wisconsin and it’s an awesome place!

  • Samuel J.

    I am signing the petition because I feel like Wisconsin is a glorious state and we need to be know for something more than our dairy products

  • Lori H.

    Wisconsin is great!

  • Jake K.

    I’m a proud Michigander

  • J T.

    What’s next? WI will aggressively take over the U.P.??

  • Joseph O.

    it’s a part of our country’s history.

  • Jacob N.

    Wisconsin is far better than Michigan

  • Linda G.

    This is crazy – leave well enough alone. This borders more of Michigan than Wisconsin

  • Kaitlyn D.

    It is michigans great lakes wisconsin does not deserve that

  • Mandy C.

    this is ridiculous! NO!

  • Paul L.

    I live in Wisconsin and believe it is our lake.

  • Heather S.

    Due to the downward trend in Michigan many may not visit these lake areas. Fiscal mismanagement, corruption and crime have taken their toll on this area. Why not give it a fresh start with a new name.

  • Jaime V.

    Lake wisconsin

  • Cory A.

    If michigan gets the u.p. via a bridge then wisconsin deserves the lake!

  • April F.

    ha ha very funny

  • Dante P.

    It’s the right thing to do.

  • Tony E.

    Lake Michigan goes other places than Wisconsin. Just leave well enough alone and DONT change the name.

  • Clark G.

    I’m signing this petition because the thought of renaming Lake Michigan is simply preposterous. The Lake was named with the help of our Indian brethren who referred to it as Michi gami – so I see no need to change what has been around for several hundred years!

  • Elizabeth B.

    Lake Wisconsin is the worst!

  • Chad M.

    Because if you don’t like Wisconsin you can geeeeet out!

  • Dorothy M.

    I love Wisconsin, but you can’t rename something just because you feel like it. It’s always been Lake Michigan. “Lake Wisconsin” doesn’t even sound right! Wisconsin isn’t “left with nothing but a bunch of farmland, cows, and cheeseheads” – it’s beautiful, and has a lot to be proud of. Heck, you have Harley Davidson!!! :)

  • Brooks B.

    Vote Against Lake Wisconsin – Lake Wisconsin doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way Lake Michigan does…besides we’ve taken care of the lake for all of these years, how dare Wisconsin try to take our lake! We’ll gladly share as long as we get to keep the name.

  • Kevin B.

    I like water

  • Tawne A.

    I’m signing this petition because I’m sick and tired of everyone always trying to change things! Lake MI is part of our history and our attraction. Illinois touches Lake MI too, but you don’t see them throwing a fit for ownership. Wisconsin has tried to act like MI on many accounts (no, you’re not mitten shaped!) and you need to be original and create something great. Not take something and call it yours.

  • Katelyn M.

    Lake Michigan

  • Donna S.

    I have was born in the U.P. and then lived in Wisconsin for almost 30 yrs. and I think this is ridiculous. Just one more thing to make a big deal over. Leave it alone. Being known as cheeseheads and having the Pack are great claims to fame.

  • Leslie W.

    Why are people putting so much effort into this when there are SO many other issues that our country has. Why change history? By the way, I am a complete Packer fan having lived in Wisconsin for over ten years. But please find something better to try to help our country, we need it so badly.

  • Antonio S.

    Its only right

  • Dj K-lite I.

    Michigan needs some competition.

  • Christopher S.

    it is lake michigan

  • Guenther W.

    Its a good day for such petitions

  • Josh H.

    Keep it Lake Michigan!!!!!!

  • Hayley .

    History shouldn’t be rewritten and it should stay Lake Michigan. It’s always been Lake Michigan and it always should be!

  • Dr. John Stanley R.

    Leave a GOOD NAME alone!

  • Monica K.

    I would like it to stay Lake Michigan

  • Jesse L.

    I disagree wiy

  • Jim W.

    Sure. Why not? And let’s change the name of the big lake to the north to ….. Lake Inferior. While we’re at it, how about Canada to French North America. Ohio to Nohio. And Indiana to Outdiana.

  • Meredith D.

    Lake Michigan has been the name of the lake since the beginning. This lake belongs to the state of Michigan and changing the name will only divide the states as rivals.

  • Patrick C.

    Michigan has enough things named after it and we need to throw a bone over to our neighbors of the west. I mean they feel the wrath of her but get very little recognition of putting up with it. Also it’s about time that those cheeseheads assumed some of the responsibility for the sheer amount of tax dollars that go into funding the maintence of this massive body of water! I say this has been a long time coming! #LakeWisconsin

  • Steve K.

    It’s time for a change!

  • Ben C.

    Don’t give them any ideas please!

  • Maggie B.

    I am signing this petition because I am from Wisconsin. Why should Michigan get the lake named after them?? We border the lake just as much.

  • Jessica S.

    I’m from MI and we already have so many of the great lakes why not share with Wisconsin. As long as they leave Superior alone I’m fine. Sharing is caring after all.

  • Robert K.

    I’m signing this petition because Wisconsin is a April fools.(;

  • Jennifer S.

    Because when an argument includes “obvi” and it isn’t in a high school lunchroom, it has to be valid. I appreciate the references in the terms of signing the petition.

  • Carrie V.

    I was wondering what Yoopersteez was gonna do this year for 4/1!

  • Neva B.

    Heck yeahhhhh

  • Stephanie Q.

    I’m a Midwesty girl originally from the UP living Deep In The Heart of Texas and THIS is the most whack thing I’ve ever heard!!! NO WAY WISCO!!!

  • Andrew S.

    867 acres of dunes at Whitefish Dunes State Park? Let me see, that’s not even 2% the size of Sleeping Bear Dunes. But hey, I’m all for it.

  • Byron S.

    I agree, MI already has 3 other great lakes.

  • Nancy S.

    As a native of Wisconsin, I want my state to be know for something other than cheeseheads.

  • Paul W.

    I bet Scott Walker would try pushing this through in hurry.

  • Stephanie L.

    You know what, I’m all for this!

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